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dolly carousel



Horizontal “Dolly Carousel ” involves counting the IMM moulded items to be stored in each container
On reaching the present quantity, the “Dolly Carousel” rotates the containers so that an empty one is placed in the loading area


Carousel storage system to fill cartons with standard dimensions 400×600 mm
The cartons are placed on mobile platforms, all of the same predetermined size, fixed on a central chain
The boxes can be filled by means of a robotic arm or conveyor belt
The cartons are filled one at a time, so that at each box change (next empty carton replacing the one just filled in the loading position) corresponds to a platform displacement
The correct positioning of the next empty box is ensured by a blocking device
Carousel complete with Genius Control panel:
The logic includes counting of the moulding cycles to be stored within each container. Once the set amount is reached, the carousel rotates the containers until the next empty container is placed in the loading position
Standard motor supply voltage 400V/50 Hz